Social Psych

i just received a used textbook today. “Individuals and Groups, Understanding Social Behaviour”. I’ve been interested in the subject for awhile, but couldn’t locate the right books. It’s a book on Social Psychology, how we indivduals shape ourselves through experiences and interactions with one’s self and others. I’ve only gone through the first chapter, so … I had been interested in the subject mostly because I enjoy individuals and characters. I’ve taken a lot of little things from the people I admire, all of which have helped compose my almost 30-year-old self. Along the line, one person taught me to be cool and that it’s not what you wear but how you wear it. He also gave me rock ‘n’ roll, such as the Stone Roses, Wonder Stuff, and Sloan; I had been one of em houser / new wave dorks. Another chap taught me to selflessness towards others, while his brother taught me being selfish is just as healthy. Another shared her drugs with me while I was blue and introduced to the wacky world of California. Another chap gave me punk, Jawbreaker, Face to Face, The Mr. T Experience. He taught me cool too. And now he’s starting his residency: ‘Oi Oi! How’s your bum knee?’ I love to analyze people and figure why people hang with certain persons or the chemistry and understanding of a couple. Hopefully, the book will open my eyes to interesting behavioural patterns. Ok, back to the book …